Anh Tuan

Anh Tuan


The Anh Tuan brand was founded in 2006 and in the same year the designer opened his showroom in Budapest. Since that time he designs two collections per year for women wear and accessories.
The young Hungarian fashion designer of Vietnamese origin draws inspiration from his regular travels across Europe and the Far East such as South-East Asia, South-West China, Tibet and inner Mongolia learning cultural crossovers.
His endless thirst for ancient traditions, materials and the way how Far Eastern, European and Western cultures are woven into his collections gave the unique success of Anh Tuan’s brand.


Understanding the importance of forgotten craftsman techniques with a modern touch helps to fully appreciate the beauty of Anh Tuan’s work.
The uniformity of Anh Tuan apparels evolves from the unique use of textures and oriental materials such as floss, velvet, hand-woven brocade, lizard-leather or pure wool.
The designer’s luxury leather bags are embellished by hand-woven ropes, surfaces and finished off with glittery hard-wear. Anh Tuan’s emblematic fabrics evoking the well-known ancient Hungarian leather handicrafts made his trademark truly handmade. His gloves are produced in the historical, Hungarian leather factory in Pécs, which is the guarantee for the outstanding world-famous quality.


As every period has its own taste the designer believes that being well-informed in cultural and historical crossovers is a key role to create streamlined collections where ancient and modern techniques, materials are melted into a timeless design.
This symbiosis provides a strong and unique image, which is neither pretentious nor too ethnic.
Anh Tuan’s pieces are produced in Hungary, which delivers the continuous control over the prominent quality.